List of Top Three Telugu Newspapers Online

telugu newspapers online

There are quite a few telugu newspapers like Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhrajyothi, vaartha, Andhraprabha, Andhra Bhoomi, Praja sakthi etc, which are being circulated in Andhra Pradesh. Almost all of them have online presence.  Among them, according to me, the following are the three most read telugu newspapers in Andhra Pradesh. So, naturally online versions of these three newspapers are read by some millions of telugu people around the world.  For any latest news regarding Andhra Pradesh, People will browse through the websites of these newpapers. The list of top three telugu newspapers according to me goes as,

1.      EENADU

This is the highest circulated newspaper in Andhra Pradesh and has been in the business for many years. There is no doubt that this paper favors TDP but it doesn’t do it blatantly. Eenadu gives at most importance to telugu language. Now a days when printing english words in telugu font (which many other newspapers do) became unavoidable,  Eenadu comes up with almost 99% of telugu words which are not familiar to many modern day people, there by educating them. This is one of the main reasons why I like this newspaper, it respects Telugu Language.

Suggestion: Highly recommended newspaper for all.

2.       SAKSHI

This is another telugu newspaper which is widely read. In the early days of this newspaper, I really liked it because it gave the other version (if there was any) of the news. But as time went by Sakshi became more of a mouthpiece for YSR family and YSRC Party than a newspaper.

Suggestion: Highly recommended newspaper for YSRC Party members and fans of YSR family.


This is the other telugu newspaper which has strong readership among telugu people across the globe. Andhrajyothy tries to come up first with latest news.  That is the reason why it comes up with sensational news items and is known for its daring and dashing journalism.  This newspaper is pro TDP.

Suggestion: Highly recommended newspaper if you are eager to know the news early (irrespective of the credibility, it varies).

6 Responses to List of Top Three Telugu Newspapers Online

  1. ramu yadav says:

    nice post, epescially suggestions part is super correct!!!

  2. ravi teja says:

    i think there is no perfect news paper in ap eenadu and andra jyothi are ment for tdp and saksi ment for ysr people must all the papers and should come an opinion

  3. srikar Ratho says:

    perfect post sakshi is ment for ysrc i agreed but it the paper which is more helpful to the students

  4. Radha says:

    fact news.. its cent % correct…..

  5. Vijay Srinivas Vittalam says:

    People shouldn’t be biased based on Kamma as Enaadu/AndhraJyothi and Reddy for Sakshi and like that
    If u take Enaadu Antharayami is Really Good
    And Sakshi they have come up so nicely with Jyothirmayam on par with Enaadus’ Antharayami and apart from that there is no other Telugu paper which came so nicely weekly basis Mon-Sun they cover centrespread with wonderful topics
    One day – Health Care,
    One day – Education, etc..
    And Sunday centre Spread is v.good for kids/family to educate lot of things for their children

    I don’t see this in any other Telugu Newspaper
    And people who are praising Enaadu needless to say blindly by seeing Kamma feeling they are giving ratings which isn’t good

    ‘All people’s Blood is Red’

    This the same American Rock Star MJ said B/W :-)

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