Top Telugu Heroes of Tollywood for 2011

top telugu heroes 2011

First of all, I know that many people are not going to like my list of top ten telugu heroes of Tollywood for 2011. I know that everyone will have their own reasons for not liking this top 10 list. As Andhra pradesh is the home of some hardcore fan associations, it would be foolish on my part to expect majority people agreeing with my opinion. But while comprising this list of top ten heroes, I went by gut feeling. The factors which I took into consideration are the number of films released in 2011, hits, failures, Experimenting with different roles, box-office collections etc. Remember this is not the list based on popularity and fan following but purely my Choice of Top ten telugu heroes of 2011.

1. Mahesh Babu
mahesh babu top telugu hero
Mahesh babu always featured in all the lists of heroes competing for number one position in tollywood, which is left for grabbing once Megastar Chiranjeevi decided to quit films. In 2011, Mahesh’s only release was Dookudu. This fun-filled family drama went on to become one of the biggest industry hits. This solo hit was enough for Mahesh to prove his stardom. If Dookudu was made with any other hero in the main lead then, forget about blockbuster it wouldn’t even have been a hit for sure. As many flim followers say, Dookudu is just an average film (as far as its content is concerned) but it broke many box-office records just because of Super Stardom of Mahesh Babu. With this smashing hit, Mahesh babu is in number 1 position this year without any competition.

2. Allari Naresh
allari naresh
Allari Naresh may not have huge fan following like some other big tollywood stars but is capable of getting good openings for his films. He is just a small hero who acts in small budget films at rapid pace. In 2011, three films of Allari Naresh were released. Based on the budget of these films, two of them were super hits and one film was above aveage. “Aha Naa Pellanta” and “Seema Tapakai” collected huge profits in B and C centers and fair amounts in A centers. His “Madata Kaja” was a safe bet at box-office. Tollywood needs many heroes like Allari Naresh, who can act in many films in a year and deliver profits to producers, distributors and exhibitors. He sits comfortably at number 2 position because of his 2 hits and 1 average film.

3. Prabhas
Prabhas, The Macho man of telugu film industry had only one release in 2011. His film, “Mr. Perfect” which released in April is one of the biggest hits of the year. This family drama was intensely liked by female audience in AP. He experimented a bit with his looks in this film. There is a need for him to increase his pace. 2012 seems to do that as his two films “Rebel” and “Vaaradhi” are expected to release. Right now, he has to satisfy himself with number 3 position.

4. Ram
telugu hero ram
Ram, the young and energetic hero of tollywood is at number 4 for 2011. His only release “Kandireega”, was a super success at box-office. Even though many said that it was just another average film, the film went on to collect good amounts for a long time. The timing of its release was perfect and it helped a bit in increasing its success range. So for now, Ram sits at number 4 Position.

5. Nani
nani telugu hero
Surprise, surprise. Nani is at number 5 ahead of many tollywood biggies. In 2011, this tiny star became one of the emerging stars to lookout for future. Out of his three releases this year, “Ala Modalaindhi” was a super hit, “pilla Zamindar” was a hit and “sega” was a flop. He has got some amazing comedy timing and screen presence. If he chooses right scripts and directors, he has got bright future ahead of him. He is teamed up with ace director SS Rajamouli for the film EEGA which is slated for summer release in 2012. He aspires to be a director someday, but as of now tollywood would consider itself lucky for finding a potential actor rather than a star.

balakrishna top telugu heroes
Balakrishna, this veteran actor is at no:6 because of his both films. I said both films because if I take only “Sri Rama Rajyam” into consideration, I would have placed him in at number 3 but his “Parama Veera Chakra” spoiled it. I would have considered it even if “parama Veera Chakra” was just a flop but it turned out to be a disastrous flop. His “Sri Rama Rajyam” was excellent. I can proudly say that he is the only actor in the industry who can carry dignified mythological characters with ease, which no other heroes of present lot can even dream of.

7. Nagarjuna
nagarjuna 2011
Nagarjuna, this veteran actor didn’t taste commercial success at box-office in 2011 but both his films, “Gaganam” and “Rajanna” received very high critic reviews. He has reached a position in his career where experimenting with different roles won’t affect his name and that is what he is doing right now. So Nagarjuna is at number 7, purely for trying something new with different films.

8. Ravi Teja
telugu hero ravi teja
“Mass Maharaj” Ravi Teja didn’t have a good 2011. Out of his three films, “Mirapakai” was a super hit but the other two films, “veera” and “Dongala Muta” turned out to be disastrous flops. He can blame no one but himself for choosing films like the last two. 2012 seems to be bright for him as about 3 of his films with prominent directors are set to hit the screen. He is at number 8 position for now.

9. NTR
Ntr 2011
Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao alias “Young Tiger” NTR too didn’t have a great 2011. His much hyped “Shakthi” turned out to be one of the biggest flops of the year and “Oosaravelli” was just an average film. He has got some amazing acting skills, dancing ability and screen presence. There is no doubt that he has a very big mass following in the state and his name itself is enough to set the box-office on fire. He is a potential candidate for number 1 position, but 2011 just wasn’t his year. 2012 seems to be brighter for him as his films in the direction of Boyapati Seenu, Sreenu Vaitla are slated for release adn films with Puri Jagannath and Harish Shankar will go on floors.

10. Pawan Kalyan
pawan kalyan 2011
Pawan Kalyan, The name itself has a magnetic force to it. He is the unsung no1 hero of tollywood for many years now. The only thing he need is a hit right now and I am sure he will redefine the meaning of the word “blockbuster” with it. He had two releases in 2011, “Teenmaar” and “Panjaa”. Both the films were flops but collected huge openings at box-office. I myself feel sorry for writing this but pawan kalyan is at number 10 for 2011. In 2012 two of his films might hit the screens. Gabbar Singh, telugu remake of bollywood blockbuster “Dabaang” is sure to score him big.

Other big names like Ram Charan and Allu Arjun didn’t make it to this top ten list as no film of Ram Charan was released in this year and Allu Arjun’s “Badrinath” was a huge flop.

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